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Premium Care Offers 365 Days Of Protection...Guaranteed.

Schendel's Premium Care program is guaranteed to keep your home pest free for one year. We perform an intensive interior and exterior service, then follow up with quarterly visits. If additional pest  treatments are needed between services, they are completed at no additional charge.  That's our PestZero Guarantee. Here's how we protect your home from ants, spiders, crickets, fleas, silverfish, mice and rats, roaches and more!

Premium Care Protects Your Home & Family In Seven Steps

When you choose Schendel Pest Services to protect your home and your family, you can count on our team to implement a home pest control program that eliminates existing pest activity and prevents pests from re-infesting.  We treat houses following a carefully developed and proven seven step process.  

schendel's seven step home pest control process


Pest Guard 1: A bait is applied among the rocks and plants around the perimeter of your home. Controls ants, crickets & ground beetles.


Pest Guard 2: A granular repellent is applied to areas adjacent to your home. Controls ants, spiders & occasional invaders.


Pest Guard 3: A clear-drying, liquid repellent material is applied around doors, windows, other openings and under eaves. Controls ants, spiders, flies & other flying insects.


Pest Guard 4: Inside, family-friendly products are applied in a targeted manner throughout the home. Controls spiders, wasps & silverfish.


Pest Guard 5: A long-lasting dust is injected into voids behind perimeter switch plates, kick plates, electrical outlet covers and plumbing entrances. Controls ants, roaches, spiders & firebrats.


Pest Guard 6: A bait is applied under appliances and into cabinets. Monitoring devices will be placed at target areas in the home to alert to pest activity. Controls ants, roaches & rodents.


Pest Guard 7: Schendel performs a quarterly Integrated Pest Management treatment to prevent new pest activity. Controls ants, flies, spiders, crickets & beetles.

PLUS - Schendel will remove accessible stinging insect nests and cobwebs during each visit to your home.

Schendel Pest Services uses only the most current and effective products to protect your home. These products include bait and dust technology that not only get rid of the pests you have, but also prevent new ones from moving in. All materials are applied judiciously, as part of programs using an industry-leading Integrated Pest Management protocol, as developed by our on-staff Entomologist.


Premium Care + Termite Protection = Premium Care +Plus

Termites are a menacing pest that can’t be treated with traditional methods. A separate, ongoing monitoring program is the only way to ensure you are safe from their destructive appetite for your home’s foundation. But rest assured. Schendel makes it easy to gain peace of mind over termites. When you upgrade your service to Premium Care PLUS, our technicians will install the newest proven termite monitoring stations. Then, we will inspect your stations annually during your premium care visit.

Don’t worry again about termite damage to your home or its contents when you sign up for Premium Care PLUS.  Your home and its contents will remain undamaged by termites for as long as you maintain your termite protection with us, or Schendel will pay for the damages. We’re confident in our program, and we want you to be confident you’ve made the right choice to protect you, your family and your home.


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Home Sealing Services

Home Seal & Scorpion Guard

Did you know unwanted pests can enter your home through a quarter size hole or smaller? Your home has openings for cable lines and vents that can be letting unwanted visitors in. Protect your home, protect your peace of mind with Schendel’s Home Seal and Scorpion Guard. Schendel’s Home Seal and Scorpion Guard service is an ideal way to seal up any cracks and crevices around your home to help keep pests and the damages they cause out! Call us today for a free inspection or contact us now!


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