Best Bed Bug Prevention Tips Of 2017

Best Bed Bug Prevention Tips Of 2017


The news is constantly talking about the growing bed bug population throughout the United States and the world. There are numerous prevention tips and lots of people giving advice on how to eliminate bed bugs all over the internet now as well. You can readily find DIY prevention “musts” and products that claim to be cure-all elixirs, but too often they all fall short, doing nothing but costing you more time and money in your battle against bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are extremely resourceful and resilient to many types of prevention and chemical treatments. This can lead to worry and sleepless nights, not to mention the itchy raised rash that some people experience from their bite. Not only that, no one wants to share their home and bed with these annoying pests!

The one area that we at Schendel Pest Services advise people to take action in themselves is prevention. Here are some tips for 2017 that include being proactive while on vacation so you do not bring any of these annoying pests home with you. These ideas can be helpful in avoiding the transfer of bed bugs to your person, clothing or home from somewhere else.

  • Inspect hotel rooms for signs of bed bugs when traveling, looking for live bed bugs, carcasses, and shed skins around, in, and under beds and furniture, as well as maroon dots on fabrics like beds, bedding, furniture, and curtains.

  • Keep personal items off the floor in hotels and public places, including pocketbooks, bags, coats, and suitcases.

  • Wash all of your clothing in hot water immediately when you return home from a trip, and thoroughly clean and vacuum out all luggage that you took with you.

  • When purchasing used clothing, you should wash them in hot water right away.

  • Avoid bringing used bedding, beds, or furniture into your home.

After following these and every prevention tip out there, there is still the possibility of an infestation, which is when you’ll want to call on the professionals at Schendel Pest Service. We are experts when it comes to eradicating these resourceful and resilient pests. Our heat treatments will kill even the most cleverly hidden bed bugs, no matter where they are crammed up in cracks and crevices in your home. Here at Schendel Pest Services in Kansas, we use a chemical free heat treatment that kills bed bugs of all stages in just a single day. Give us a call today to find out more about this ecologically friendly bed bug heat treatment process. You will get peace of mind, and not have to worry about an infestation of bed bugs, your home will be bed bug free.

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