Journey Of A Meadow Mouse

Journey Of A Meadow Mouse


In a field on the outskirts of a large yard, a mother vole (AKA meadow mouse) gives birth to three dozen of the one hundred offspring she can birth in a year. The babies forage close to home at first. But soon their natural inclination to explore sends them out farther, to the edge of the nearby yard.

They look out across fifteen feet of mowed lawn and raise their noses in the air. There is definitely a scent of fruit in the breeze, maybe even a hint of vegetables. But the large expanse is scary. It would expose them to predatory birds or passing animals. It is too dangerous. So, they return to their nest in the field.

Later in the season when the mother has birthed a half a dozen more, they grow in boldness and return to the edge of the yard. This time, with their numbers to increase their chances of success, they push through the grass to where the smells of vegetables promise a delectable treat.

As they get closer and begin to see the green and yellow treasures dangling from vines, they notice something else; there is a barrier! They nuzzle their noses through little openings in the wiry wall, but they are too small for their bodies to fit through. A few of them dig down to go under, but it continues into the ground as well! A group follows the barrier all the way around. It is complete. There is no way to get in at the wondrous foods inside.

Another sniff of fruit sends a few voles to explore a nearby fruit tree. It is a long way, so they dig down and tunnel over. On their way, they discover an existing tunnel. They carefully smell to see if this tunnel is currently being used by the mole that created it. There is definitely a fresh scent, so the voles back out and dig to the surface.

On the surface again, they climb out of their little holes and run to the base of a beautiful apple tree. But once again, they are greeted with a frustrating sight. The entire base of the tree is protected by something hard. They can’t climb it. And it prevents them from nibbling on the bark of the tree or digging to the roots. This is enough for the tiny, stout rodents to head back out into their field in defeat.

What will voles find when they enter your yard?

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