Why Are Spiders Much More Noticeable In The Fall?

Why Are Spiders Much More Noticeable In The Fall?


Have you ever been freaked out by a teeny tiny little spider hanging out on your wall? How about a giant hairy thing sitting on a great big web as you exit your front door? Chances are you answered “no,” to the first question and “yes,” to the second. Reason being, big fat spiders are much more noticeable than itty bitty spiders. Spiders that were babies in spring have had all spring and summer to grow, and grow, and GROW. So, they are much more noticeable in fall and sometimes can be hard to identify.

Another reason you may be noticing more spiders in fall is because autumn is the time when many spiders are out and about looking for a mate. This is true for house spiders as well. If you are seeing more spiders inside your home, it is unlikely that they came in from the cold. It is much more likely that they have been hiding out in your wall voids all summer but have now ventured out into your common areas looking for a mate. Once they mate, chances are, they will go back into hiding.

This is also the time of year you may see the drifting gossamer which is produced by dispersing baby spiders. This phenomenon is known as “ballooning.” Baby spiders climb up to high points on fences or plants, produce silk threads that act like sails and get carried off by the wind. These baby spiders are able to go quite long distances this way, thus spreading their populations.

If you are seeing more spiders, and have found this article, you are probably looking for information on how to get rid of all those noticeable spiders. Right? Well, if you are thinking about sealing up the outside of your home, this won’t help much with keeping spiders out, since the ones inside have been there all along, and the ones outside aren’t usually interested in getting in. So, what can you do?

Start by removing any webs you see as they appear in doorways and ceiling areas. This will discourage the spiders from hanging out in your common areas and encourage them to go back inside your walls and crawl spaces where they came from.

You could also try using a fly swatter or vacuum or other means to kill all the spiders you see.

While these suggestions are good deterrents for reducing the number of spiders you’re going to see, the best, and most effective way to be done with all those noticeable spiders inside your home is to have a professional pest control technician apply limited, proven materials to wall voids, cracks and crevices, and crawl spaces.

If you live in our extensive service area and need help with all those noticeable spiders, reach out to us today. Our service areas for spider control are in many towns in Kansas, Missouri, and Arizona. At Schendel Pest Service, we specialize in getting rid of all the spiders in your home, even the ones that aren’t so noticeable.