What Do You Bring Home From The Holidays?

What Do You Bring Home From The Holidays? 11/6/2015 You packed the family into the minivan. You traveled more miles than you care to remember. You spent time visiting relatives, slept in a bed that wasn’t your own, and now you’re home again. What did you bring back with you? Memories of laughing around the… Read more »


Are House Crickets Harmful?

Are House Crickets Harmful? 10/7/2015   If you’re a human, crickets aren’t particularly harmful. But if you’re a curtain, a piece of upholstered furniture, wallpaper or a plant, you might want to take some precautions. Crickets love to chew on fabrics, paper and vegetation. This is one of the many reasons you probably shouldn’t have… Read more »


Prevent Roaches From Taking Over

Prevent Roaches From Taking Over 9/23/2015 Cockroaches – anybody can become a victim of them, and nobody wants them in their home. Cockroaches are unwanted for good reasons- they contaminate food and food prep areas, carry and transmit many human pathogens like bacteria and even parasitic worms, and can trigger asthma attacks in people particularly… Read more »