Bed Bug Treatment Options In Topeka

Bed Bug Treatment Options In Topeka 1/19/2017 All of the fuss of the holiday season is over. The whirlwind tour to make sure that all of the family had a visit, and you made an appearance at every get together between December 23rd and the first of the year. Finally, there is a little bit… Read more »


Bed Bug Nightmares

Bed Bug Nightmares 3/8/2016 Bed bugs, are still a problem for homeowners all across the country; and for many people bed bugs are more than a pest, they are a nightmare. And if you think about it, ‘nightmare’ is a very accurate description-waking up in the morning with mysterious bites, knowing that you have unwanted… Read more »


Is That A Bed Bug Bite?

Is That A Bed Bug Bite? 3/11/2014 Spring is just around the corner and for many of us, we know that means the inevitable insect bites after spending more time outside. But how can you be sure that what’s biting you is a mosquito? Could it be bed bug bites? Not that anyone wants to… Read more »


Bed Bug Basics

Bed Bug Basics 11/13/2013 Bed bugs are back from decades of dormancy and they have not returned quietly! Googling “Bed bugs” will bring back more than 31 million results, listing medical sites, university extension articles, pest control company websites and even a site from the center for disease control. While these pests seem to be… Read more »