Problems Clover Mites Cause

Problems Clover Mites Cause 7/28/2017 Never seen or heard of clover mites? Well, they are extremely tiny, about the size of a pinhead! They have 8 legs, are oval and are related to spiders and ticks. They are quite a nuisance pest as they feed on the juice of grass, plants and you guessed it,… Read more »


It's That Time Again… Clover Mite Season

It’s That Time Again… Clover Mite Season 5/31/2016 Clover mites are not destroyers of property or belongings nor do they pose a danger to human health. However, this tiny nuisance pest can become a problem when invading homes, medical facilities, and other places of business. They do not live long inside but will create a… Read more »


Are Clover Mites Dangerous?

Are Clover Mites Dangerous? 7/9/2013 We have recently received a lot of questions about clover mites including are clover mites dangerous and how do you get rid of clover mites. If you are like the many home and business owners concerned about these tiny red bugs that are showing up in Kansas City, Topeka and… Read more »


3 Spring Pests To Watch Out For In Kansas

3 Spring Pests To Watch Out For In Kansas 3/26/2012 The spring season has begun, which means many pests will be waking up from their winter hibernation. This increase in pest activity can leave many homeowners in Kansas City, Topeka and throughout the Sunflower State wondering what types of insects they should watch out for.… Read more »