Preventing Odorous House Ants From Invading Your Home

Preventing Odorous House Ants From Invading Your Home


Are you familiar with the pest ant known as the odorous house ant? Are you acquainted with the rotten coconut smell it creates when it has been crushed under foot? Have you experienced the horror of finding hundreds of these ants in your pantry? If so, you can jump right to the prevention section of this article. If not, allow us to introduce you.

What Is An Odorous House Ant?

These are tiny, brown or black ants that range in size from 1/16 to 1/8th of an inch. They prefer to eat sweets and, in nature, can be found dining on honeydew deposited on plants. One of the reasons these are common pests in the United States is because they often move their nests, in a response to rain. This can bring them into a home after a rainstorm.

Odorous House Ant Prevention

This type of ant is considered a moisture pest. It will be attracted to any location that is damp. Controlling moisture around your home can help you keep these ants out. Fix any leaks or weeping pipes. Address any areas of standing water. Fix obstructed or broken gutters. Seal any leaks in exterior spigots or hoses.

  • Do a detailed inspection of your foundation walls and patch any gaps, holes, or cracks you find, especially where the foundation meets the soil.
  • Seal gaps at the bottoms of door frames, especially doors that are in foundation walls.
  • Keep plants trimmed away from your foundation to prevent these ants from using those plants as a bridge.
  • Keep exterior trash receptacles clean, and make sure they seal properly.

Odorous House Ant Extermination

When these ants appear inside a home, homeowners often turn to DIY ant control. But DIY solutions rarely work, and they can lead to many undesirable consequences. If you’re dealing with an infestation of odorous house ants, contact a professional to completely eliminate them from your home.

If you’re having trouble with odorous house ants in the Topeka area or you’d prefer to never have trouble with these ants, consider investing in Premium Care from Schendel. This pest control program comes with an initial interior service to get your home pest free, and then keeps your home pest free all year long. There’s no better way to keep your property and your health protected. Learn more or request an inspection right here.