Fall Pest Outlook: What To Expect

Fall Pest Outlook: What To Expect


Every year it is the same old thing, bugs and rodents start moving inside. But what is changing, is the way society is learning to adapt to these intruders. Pest control doesn’t mean what it used to mean. We are no longer reacting to bug infestations. Homeowners are learning how to be bug proof through the use of Integrated Pest Management.

Here are a few of the intruders you’ll be able to keep outside of your home this year.

Boxelder bugs

These long, black bugs, with their fiery orange trimming, come by the hundreds, and stack up on the corners of walkways, entrances, and sills. They can be damaging to boxelder and maple trees, and they are an unsightly mess for homeowners.

Asian lady beetles

Also known as Halloween beetles, or ladybugs, these bugs, with their black polka dots and orange to red coloring, can be quite pretty. But when you have a congregation of eighty, undulating on your windowsill, or stuck in your screens, they cease to be cute.

Stink bugs

These brown speckled bugs scale walls, fly around lights, and bombard you as you enter the house. When crushed, they give off a terrible odor. And, if left unchecked, you’ll find them on everything, especially your curtains.

Mice and rats

Rodents bring filth and disease from the sewer, or a dumpster across the street, and coat your dishes and silverware with it. They chew on cables and wires, and leave their dropping all over the house.


At best, spiders leave welts on your skin, and span webs for your legs to walk through, or your face to wear. Though they are beneficial for getting those flying insects, do you really want to live with either of them?

Homeowners have lived with these pests for decades, and usually a pest professional wasn’t brought in until things had gotten out of hand, or damage had been done. But times are changing. Homeowners are realizing that pest professionals, through the use of global communication, have built a knowledge base on how to effectively prevent bug infiltrations, by working closely with homeowners to implement environmentally safe techniques, and reduce the use of pesticides, which lead to pest resistant bugs.

Professional pest control companies can implement pest forecasting to alert and protect you from threats before they happen. They can monitor for termite activity, and eradicate colonies, before the damage is done. And they can keep these fall invaders out, through limited and targeted spraying, to keep bugs off your exterior walls, and off your property. Bug control is a team effort. It is safe for the environment, and safe for your family. And, it keeps bugs in nature, where they can be a benefit to us.

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