What Is Causing Damage To My Lawn?

What Is Causing Damage To My Lawn?


Do you want to see something cute? Google the term “cute moles.” Now we’re not talking about the little brown kind on the faces of beauty queens. We’re talking about the dark grey, furry kind. These moles have the most adorable little long noses, tiny little eyes, and sweet little smiling mouths. However, you may notice that their fingers are not so cute. In fact, they look almost scary. They are big and white and have long, straight, sharp-looking claws attached. They are not cute at all. And the damage they do to a lawn is not so cute either.

Signs that a mole (or two or three) has moved onto your property:

If you have moles digging up your lawn, it is not likely that you will actually see the animal, since they rarely come above ground. But, if you do see one, take care, as they have very sharp teeth and will bite. Here are some signs you may see if you have moles living underneath your lawn.

  • A patch of lighter-colored grass running through your lawn that has a lightning-bolt, zigzag look to it. These are pushed up areas from mole tunnels. Sometimes the tunnels connect in multiple ways to resemble the veins on the back of your hand.

  • Piles of dirt next to fences or other areas that look like tiny volcanoes. These are mounded up in a symmetrical, conical shape and the dirt is “fluffy” with occasional clods on the top. Sometimes these mole mounds, otherwise known as molehills, can be more than a foot in diameter.

What will NOT work to get rid of moles?

  • Mothballs. Putting mothballs into the tunnel of a mole will do nothing but stink up your yard. In fact, this will only make the moles dig more holes to get away from the mothball smell.

  • Flooding. While an actual flood will certainly make moles move to higher ground, simply pumping water into a mole hole will do nothing to permanently rid you of your mole problem. Again, it may just prompt them to dig more holes.

  • Gas. Pouring gasoline into a hole in the ground will do little to deter moles. And lighting gasoline on fire is never a good idea. Do not do it.

  • Poison. If you buy “poisons” from a bait company, be aware that they are generally ineffective as the moles typically will not eat it.

  • Shooting. Even if you had a sharp shooter pointing at every exit of your mole tunnels, it’s highly unlikely they could stay awake long enough for all the moles to show themselves. This is completely futile, not to mention illegal in populated areas.

What WILL work to get rid of moles?

If you are tired of moles digging up your lawn, it is time to contact Schendel Pest Services. With nearly 70 years in the business of pest control, Schendel will have no trouble at all in removing any and all moles from your property. It doesn’t matter how “cute” these little creatures are, they are not so cute when they are destroying your lawn! Let Schendel help today.

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