Why Pet Owners Need to Protect Their Pets from Fleas


Flea infestations are frustrating. If you've never had one, you're one of the lucky ones. But that luck won't last forever. Every pet owner has to deal with fleas at some point. The world is filled with fleas and your pets are at risk of picking them up every time they leave your home. In fact, your pets can be at risk even if they never leave your home at all. Fleas can be carried into our homes on rodents and other wildlife that seek harborage in your walls. If you've started seeing mouse droppings in the backs of your cabinets, don't be surprised if a flea infestation takes root as well.

When an infestation begins, you may notice your pets starting to itch and scratch or notice flea dirt or actual fleas in their fur. This will quickly have you wondering why that flea collar you bought isn't working. But, while flea collars are definitely important to have, they are not a foolproof way to protect your pets from getting fleas.

As flea infestations grow, many people turn to DIY flea control. They spray their floors and rugs with vinegar. They set flea traps with desk lamps and plates of soapy water. They powder or spray their couches with flea control products and stick them out on the porch to avoid them stinking up the living room or making someone sick. They learn that Dawn dish soap kills fleas, fill spray bottles with soapy water, and spray every inch of the bedrooms in their home. But those tiny fleas still remain active, springing onto unsuspecting ankles and leaving behind itchy red bites. They still bite them when they lay down to sleep at night because their cat or dog slept on their beds during the day. This leads to a total quarantine of the bedroom. No pets allowed! But it doesn't matter. There's no stopping those fleas.

Does this sound like what you're dealing with?

At Schendel Pest Services, fleas are just one of the many pests we help homeowners control. If you're struggling with fleas, reach out to us today! Though it may not seem like it, maybe that flea infestation is a blessing in disguise. Maybe it is just what you needed to take the first step and invest in a pest control service and protect your home from not only fleas, but other common pests. While we're eliminating those fleas, the products we use can also work to eliminate other pests in your home such as spiders, centipedes, silverfish, and more. Who knows, you might find that you like living in a home that doesn't have pests and sign up to have us treat the outside of your home all year long so those pests can’t get in!

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