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"Dear Mr. Boles,

We just signed up for a year of pest service on Monday after having had a spider scare over the weekend--unfortunately, I am terrified of spiders. Today, your representative, Rodney Branscum in Norman, serviced our house. He was just terrific! He was comprehensive in his walk through with me and with his explanations of how he was treating the home. Unlike service technicians we've had the in the past, he was judicious with the chemical application which I appreciated so very, very, very much as I have young children and a lot of pets.

He did a great job of documenting recommendations to help minimize future run ins with spiders, which was never service we had received in the past, too.

Thank you for providing such excellent, confidence inspiring staff and service.

Take care,"

Inger Giuffrida

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Bed Bug Solutions

Heat treatments are proven to kill all stages of bed bugs and are effective with a single treatment 99% of the time.

Because bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and travel from place to place in luggage, on clothing or hidden in other personal belongings, they are easily introduced into homes and businesses.  Heat treatment is a safe, fast, convenient and effective method for removing bed bugs.  

Schendel's Home Pest Control Protects Midwest Homes

Residential Services

At Schendel Pest Services, we protect more than 12,000 family homes across the Midwest.

Schendel's Premium Care pest control offers homeowners seven zones of protection against a wide variety of pests, including: ants, crickets, fleas, silverfish, spiders, mice, rats, roaches, stinging insects and occasional invaders. Premium Care plus Termite Protection includes coverage of all these pests, plus termite monitoring and a termite damage warranty.

Skyscraper In KS

Commercial Services

At Schendel Pest Services, our commercial pest management programs are specifically tailored to provide pest protection to all types of commercial industries in Kansas CityTopeka and throughout Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and parts of Texas.  We also offer commercial pest control in Arizona.

You are in good company if you have been wondering how to get rid of bed bugs. These pesky bugs date back to ancient Egyptian days more than 3,300 years ago and were brought to the United States by early settlers and thrived for many years. With increased public awareness and the introduction of vacuums and washing machines, these household pests were all but eradicated in the early 1950’s. All was well for some time, however, the 1990’s began showing a resurgence of bed bugs with increased international travel and a lack of public awareness of prevention techniques. Bed bugs are now commonly found in all 50 states and almost every country of the world. Once infestation has occurred, bed bug treatment by professionally trained technicians is a must as these elusive creatures are very hard to eradicate. Kansas City pest control companies as well as all other pest management professionals in the United States have treated bed bugs in the past year.

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Schendel's PestZero Guaranteed pest controlSchendel Pest Services, a leading Kansas pest control company with over 60 years of industry experience, offers highly effective yet eco-friendly pest control in Kansas City, Topeka pest control, as well as pest control in  Branson, Tulsa, and Phoenix.  In fact, we take pride in providing comprehensive pest control in six statesKansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona and Texas.  At Schendel, we are ready to be your trusted exterminators and with our PestZero Guarantee you can rest assured knowing that if pests return, Schendel returns for free!  

Our pest control professionals are extensively trained and are ready to resolve insect, rodent and pest bird problems, including bed bugs in Kansas City, spiders in Topeka or pigeons in Oklahoma City.  We also offer K-9 bed bug inspections and are the first pest control company in our market to deliver highly effective bed bug heat treatments to homes, apartment buildings and hotels as well as other commercial facilities.  To learn more about our pest control for homes and businesses or to request your free quote, please contact our Kansas City pest control company today!

Offering Pest Control In Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona And Texas

At Schendel Pest Services, we are proud to offer comprehensive pest control services throughout Western, Central and Eastern Kansas, Central and Western Missouri, Oklahoma and parts of Arkansas and Arizona.  Our corporate office is centrally-located in Topeka, KS with district offices in Kansas City, KS, Lawrence, KS, Wichita, KS, Kansas City, MO, Springfield, MO, Phoenix, AZ and Norman, OK