Are Ants Driving You Crazy?

Are Ants Driving You Crazy?


The life of an ant is simple: find food, feed the colony, and expand the species. It is a process that requires no leadership, no marching orders and no verbal communication. Each ant is wired with simple instructions and innate abilities that make them work together with a singular purpose–unaware of their role in the greater scheme of things. When an ant finds food, it simply grabs a piece and heads back to the colony, leaving a scent trail behind as it goes. When other ants smell the scent, they too grab a piece of the food and head back, leaving a scent trail as they go. This continues until the food is gone and the scent trail has evaporated. Without knowing it, each ant has taken part in a massive coordinated effort to dismantle and transport an enormous food source and each has taken part in the cycle of life. They are truly the most amazing of all creatures. But who really cares? When they’re crawling all over your kitchen counters and getting into your food, it is time for them to die. Am I right?

Before you decide to take matters into your own hands, there are a few things you need to consider. I know you’re frustrated. I know how crazy ants can make you feel inside. But if you let them get you angry, they win. Level heads need to prevail here.

  • Understand that killing individual ants doesn’t help. It only makes matters worse. When you squish an ant, you get its pheromone scent all over the place. This causes the colony to increase its efforts because it thinks it has found the motherload of all food sources.

  • Spraying ants can be toxic to children and pets, and does little to deter ants from coming into your home.

  • Sealing your walls can be a frustrating endeavor. Ants are small and able to climb to hard-to-reach areas of your home.

  • Even the successful mass killing of ants doesn’t get rid of an ant problem. This is especially bad if you have carpenter ants.

  • Baits can be frustrating because you can use the wrong bait or get a bait that is too potent and make your problem worse by splitting a colony into two or more.

  • Blowing up ant hills with any number of do-it-yourself methods has the same splitting effect as baits.

If you’re dealing with ants, call the professionals. Companies like Schendel Pest Services have pest control programs that are administered by an entomologist. Entomologists are scientists that study insects. They understand their behavior and they know what products will kill and control them. Don’t let ants drive you to do something you regret. Get the ant specialists to fix that problem safely and effectively the first time.