Are Scorpions A Threat In Phoenix Arizona?

Are Scorpions A Threat In Phoenix Arizona?


Read the following sentence with your best cowboy accent: “There ain’t but two kinds of people in this here world; thems that’s been stung by a scorpion and thems that ain’t.”

While this statement is definitely true, it isn’t going to help you prevent scorpions from biting you, or someone you love. That’s the problem with advice. Even advice that is 100% accurate can be completely unhelpful. Here are some accurate scorpion facts every Arizonan should know and, more importantly, why.

“Wood scorpions are the most poisonous scorpion in North America.”

It is wise to take precautions if you live in Phoenix where these are common household pests–even if you’ve never seen a scorpion inside your home.

“60% of individuals stung by scorpions are stung on the hand or foot.”

If you’ve ever seen a scorpion in your Phoenix home, it is important to take precautions when you slide your feet into your shoes or when reach your hand into a dark, concealed location. It is also important to not go around without shoes, especially in your yard at night. That’s how stings happen.

“33% of scorpion stings happen in the bedroom.”

It is always a good idea to pull your sheets down and examine your bed before sliding in. Scorpions love to hide. Be careful to pinch and pull so you don’t slide your fingers under and get stung.

“Bark scorpions are great climbers but they can’t climb smooth surfaces.”

If you have a baby in a crib, consider putting the feet of the crib in glass jars. You can do the same for any bed in the home. This will prevent those scorpions from getting to the porous wood and getting a good grip. It is also important to remove crib skirting and prevent covers on beds from touching the floor.

“Bark scorpions can walk across ceilings.”

Cover beds with netting or consider installing a shield that prevents scorpions from getting into a position over your beds.

“Scorpions like to hide.”

If you have clutter on your floors, you will give scorpions opportunity to sneak, hide, and sting. It is always best to keep your floors free of clutter. Also, be sure to give towels and clothing a shake if you pick them up off the floor. Be sure to use the pinch and pull technique.

“Scorpions can be excluded from a home with routine perimeter treatments.”

If you have fewer scorpions in your home, you’re going to have fewer bites. It is simple math. But a good pest control program can do better than reduce scorpions. It is possible to entirely exclude them. It is dependant on many factors: the location of the home, the age of the home, the maintenance of the home, and more.

Scorpions are painful pests to have around. If you need assistance controlling them on your property, reach out to Schendel Pest Control. We’d be happy to assist you with this important problem.