Bed Bugs Reappearing

Bed Bugs Reappearing


By 6News Staff on February 9, 2012

Bed bugs are springing up again and a local pest control expert says the holiday travel season is to blame.

“It takes a few weeks for that population to reproduce and establish a point where [people] notice the infestation is a problem,” says Michele Vance, Director of Sales and Marketing of Schendel Pest Service.

There are many things you can do to check for the bugs in your home:

  • Look through the mattress crevices thoroughly
  • Check the nightstand
  • Examine the headboard and woodwork near to the bed
  • Look through the “nap” chairs and couches of the house

If you have bed bugs, Vance said the most important thing is to make sure you hire a professional.  The regular can of Lysol will not kill the parasites.

Bed Bugs Reappearing in Kansas, Missouri and Arizona

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