Cold Enough For You?

Cold Enough For You?


The brutal cold of winter is beginning to settle in and will be with us for the next several months. The bitter chill that sinks into our bones can distract us from the wonder and enjoyment of the holiday season. It’s hard to be full of holiday cheer when you are shivering and trying to keep your nose and toes warm. We can keep cranking up our thermostats or continuously throwing more logs on the fire, but all that does is increase our energy bills! One way to help keep that heat in, keep costs down and stay toasty warm this winter is to be sure that your home is properly insulated.

The biggest benefit of having a properly insulated home is the reduction in energy usage. This has a bit of a two-fold benefit in that it saves you money and it reduces the environmental impact of excess energy consumption. Insulation can also help to avoid condensation and moisture both around your pipes and in your walls, saving you from mold and mildew growth. Another positive benefit of having insulation is that it works as a noise barrier. This can be a huge plus if you have noisy neighbors or a house full of rambunctious teenagers or screaming toddlers! One benefit of proper insulation that you may have never considered is that a fully insulated home can help keep pests out.

Schendel Pest Service specialists have spent many years helping customers with proven tips and tricks to prevent pest infestations. We discuss the importance of removing yard waste and debris from around the home, sealing up cracks and crevices where pests can get in, and eliminating food sources and damp environments that attract pests. It’s only natural that we take that one step further by offering pest control insulation.

Not only does insulating your home save you money and energy-waste as previously mentioned, but it can protect your family from unwanted critters. The insulation that we use contains borate, which will kill many insects while not bothering humans. Insulation also helps seal up small cracks and holes which is an additional benefit in assisting to keep pests out. As if money savings and pest control weren’t enough, our insulation is Energy Star rated and made from recycled materials that also contains a fire retardant which helps add another layer of protection to your home. Before the cold gets on top of you or pests get inside your home, consider killing several birds with one stone, or in this case a phone call to Schendel Pest Services.