Facts Vs. Myths About Arizona Termites

Facts Vs. Myths About Arizona Termites


Termites are one of the most misunderstood insects in the world, and this has resulted in many myths developing around them. While they don’t have as many myths as Chuck Norris, some of the myths attached to subterranean termites are almost as absurd. Try, “There are no subterranean termites in Arizona because it is too dry.” As is the case with many myths, there is a hint of truth here. Subterranean termites require a lot of moisture, and it does seem unlikely that they would be able to live in a state that is dry. But the desert subterranean termite does quite well here under the dry conditions found in our state. This is because desert subterranean termites are less dependent on moisture than other termite species. Here are a few more myths you should be aware of.

Termites are only destructive and serve no purpose in nature.

When termites get into a home, they are very destructive. So it seems to make sense that they are only destructive and serve no purpose, but that destructive behavior is actually a benefit in nature. Termites have a role to play. They help to break down decaying organic matter and to fertilize the soil.T

ermites only attack wood.

It is common knowledge that termites eat wood. That is why they are such a problem for property owners. But do you know that termites don’t eat wood? They feed on the cellulose found inside wood. Cellulose is an insoluble substance found in plant cell walls that is made up of glucose monomers. As you’re probably aware, glucose is sugar. So, basically, termites eat sugar, not wood.

Concrete or brick homes are safe from termites.

Since termites attack the wood in a home, it is logical to assume that a home made from concrete or brick is safe. This is not the case. Wood is a common building material, even in a concrete or brick home. Those termites will simply go around the indigestible materials to get to their food source.

DIY termite control is enough to protect a home from termites.

There are a lot of DIY-termite-control products available, which make some people wonder, is termite service really necessary? Termites feed almost exclusively inside wood. This behavior can make it difficult to detect them when they feed on a home. In fact, they can feed on a home for years without being detected. Professionals have protocols for detecting the presence of termites and ensuring a protective defense.

There are many myths about termites. Don’t let them keep you from getting the protection you need. For assistance with termite control in Arizona, give us a call today.