Guide To Commercial Fumigation

Guide To Commercial Fumigation


Commercial fumigation can be a very valuable pest control solution in the business world. If pests have infested your commercial property, fumigation can be like hitting a big restart button for pest problems. This is important in order to protect your brand and uphold the reputation of your business. You probably associate the word fumigation with a giant tent that encompasses the entirety of a property. Many businesses and companies choose to do this to eradicate a pest infestation in a quick and effective way. The gaseous insecticide used in fumigation reaches where sprays, aerosols, dusts, and other chemical treatments can’t—no crack, crevice, or surface isn’t touched. It destroys pests in all stages of development, from eggs to adult bugs. It truly is a great way for commercial properties to deal with pests in large-scale situations. Schendel Pest Services offers commercial fumigation for railcars, shipping containers, warehouse and processing facilities, flour mills, seed facilities, and grain storage facilities. We will also use the fumigation process for products such as processed food, grains, non-food commodities, seed, and pet food.

Here at Schendel Pest Services, we use five steps to provide a successful fumigation. The first step is sealing—the entire structure must be sealed to prevent gas loss. The second step is dosage—we determine the concentration of the gas and the amount of time the pest needs to be exposed to it according to the temperature and the species of the insect. Third is monitoring—gas level readings must be taken throughout the process to ensure that the right dosage is being given at all times. The fourth step is temperature—the temperature must be above 50 degrees F and it must be maintained during both the exposure and aeration process. Warmer temperatures lead to a more effective fumigation. Lastly, is aeration—this is where we air out your facility. The aeration time is variable depending on temperature, humidity, and air movement.

As you can see, fumigation requires careful planning by an experienced pest control company. Schendel Pest Services are the local experts in structural and commodity fumigation. We work with companies to develop the right plan for the property and the pest. You can trust our highly trained expert teams to address your fumigation needs and solve your pest problems. Don’t let pests ruin your brand and reputation. We’ve been protecting properties from pests since 1947 and we want to continue by protecting yours. So give us a call today!