How Can I Prevent Stinging Insects Around My Arizona Home?

How Can I Prevent Stinging Insects Around My Arizona Home?


What Can I Do to Prevent Stinging Insects Around My Arizona Home?

  • The answer to this question is simple: build a giant bubble to cover your entire home and several yards around your home. Doesn’t that seem drastic and over the top? Not only is it over the top to try and completely shield your home from stinging insects, but it also isn’t beneficial. Stinging insects are pollinators. If you have any flowers or flowering plants in your yard, they’re not going to live long without the pollination insects provide. And wasps kill poisonous spiders. You’re definitely going to want to have them around. So what do you do? How can you prevent unwanted encounters with stinging insects?
Stings usually happen when a human gets near a nest. Social insects are wired to protect their nests. This causes them to swarm and give chase. If they catch you, they can inflict multiple wounds on your skin.
An individual wasp, hornet, or bee is less likely to sting when it is away from its nest. So, when stinging insects come into your yard and make random appearances, it’s okay. What you don’t want is to have a stinging pest create a hive or nest on your property. Not only will a local nest increase the chances of nest protective behavior, but you’re also going to have more stinging insects flying around your property.

How to Prevent Nest Building

  • Remove harborage options. Some stinging pests create their homes inside wall voids. Make sure you don’t have any entry points in your exterior walls and roofline.
  • Fill in holes. Some stinging pests create their homes in ground holes. Yellow jackets commonly do this, and they are one of the most aggressive stinging pests we have in Arizona.
  • Reduce food sources. Stinging pests eat sweets, meats, or both. The nectar from flowers is a popular food source, but removing flowers or flowering plants isn’t a real solution. You can, however, make your property less habitable by sealing and protecting your trash. Those meat eaters will be inspired to stay in a yard that has easy access to the protein found in most bags of trash.


Along with removing potential harborage options and controlling food sources, it is good to have routine inspections performed by a licensed professional. This is where we can help. The pest professionals at Schendel know where stinging insects in Arizona establish their homes. They also know how to remove them. If you’d like this extra protection for your home, reach out to us. We’d be happy to assist you.