How To Protect Your Lawn From Moles

How To Protect Your Lawn From Moles


An insectivore, the mole is well associated with living underground. In fact, it will spend its entire life there. Short and stocky in shape, a mole can grow to be more than a half a foot in length including their tail, are usually a darker brown color, and sport large claws on their front two feet. They can be easily identified by their long snouts and lack of ears or external openings.

Spotting moles can be fairly easy if you… well, spot them. BUT, with their lives being conducted beneath your feet and out of sight, sometimes the only way to spot a mole is to spot the signs they leave behind. Moles will leave golf ball sized holes throughout your lawn as they dig a series of small tunnels to get around. They will also create horseshoe-shaped mounds that can be found through your lawn, garden, and around shrubs and trees. Also, if you find that your vegetation is disrupted or chewed, take a moment to look for these other signs as well, as it could mean moles!

Unfortunately due to their habit of living, eating, and breeding underground, moles are an extremely hard pest to get rid of and an impossible one to prevent. Attracted to well-maintained lawns most often, it’s an unfortunate fact for industrious homeowners that DIY mole treatments tend to fall short, and the time lost in failing to solve your mole problems means more damage and frustration. Professional help is your best bet when it comes to getting rid of moles.

Designed to limit moles for one year, our mole solutions are both effective and safe. Starting with a thorough evaluation and inspection of your property allows us to determine the extent of the problem and also note other conditions conducive to moles. By employing effective and proven techniques, we can guarantee your lawn will be free of moles for the full 365 days. With our PestZero Guarantee*, should you find covered mole activity within that year, don’t worry, we will come back at no additional charge to you! So regardless of where you are, who you are, or how big your lawn is, we can help! Need immediate service? We can help with that too! Ask us about our immediate assistance program and if you have any questions, we are happy to answer them! So don’t let your hard work go to waste and call Schendel Pest Service today for a free quote! Remove the moles from their holes and keep your lawn in the condition you have worked so hard to accomplish!

*PestZero Guarantee is not available for one time services.

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