Impact Rodents Can Have On Your Restaurant During The Spring

Impact Rodents Can Have On Your Restaurant During The Spring


When it comes to your restaurant, sadly, it can be an ideal place for rodents. Mice and rats specifically thrive off the food and water sources and benefit from the fast-paced environment that can cause us to overlook obvious signs of rodent activity. Let’s take a look at these two common rodents, the dangers they present and how to prevent them.


A smaller rodent, mice are no less dangerous than their bigger siblings, the rat. Growing to more than 3” in size, not counting their tails, mice come in a variety of colors, though most commonly found as a brown or grayish brown. Misperceived as cute and cuddly with their twitching whiskers and beady eyes, mice are a considerable danger to your restaurant. Not only are mice extremely destructive, chewing on anything and everything in their way and potentially costing you money for repairs, they also present much bigger problems. Mice are known to introduce other infestations like fleas and mites when they enter your restaurant. By introducing these other pests, not only are mice potentially spreading disease by contamination of products with their own feces and urine, they are also introducing the risk of disease carried by these other pests, and getting rid of them should be a top priority.


There are different kinds of rats that can infest your place of business. The two most common species being the Norway Rat and the Roof Rat.

Norway Rats: Norway rats are a brown color with black fur peppering their coat. Growing to more than 9” in length, Norway rats are long and dense. These rats will often be found in dark, damp areas of your business such as crawl spaces and basements.

Roof Rats: Usually brown in color, their underbellies vary from white to black or brown. A bit more slender than the Norway rat, roof rats are still able to grow to a substantial 8”, not including their tail. These rats differ from Norway rats in the fact that they are fantastic climbers, and there is no limit as to where they could be found. It is not uncommon to find these rats nesting in high places within your business.

Both Norway rats and roof rats can present similarly dangerous problems. Rats are foragers, and they will go to some pretty extreme lengths to obtain their necessities like food and water. Not giving a second thought to wallowing through sewers, drains, fields, and along river banks, rats are notorious for picking up disease. As they enter your business to seek these necessities out, like mice they inadvertently introduce these diseases. Common diseases linked to rats are Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. Like mice, rats also pick up other pests like fleas and ticks, introducing a pile of other problems into your business.

Preventing rodents is an important part of running a reputable and respectable business. Use these tips to help keep rodents out:

  • Seal up cracks and crevices in foundations and exterior walls to discourage entry

  • Clean often and thoroughly, making sure to focus both under and behind appliances

  • Fix any existing and potential leaks

  • Keep food sealed away in containers with tight-fitting lids

  • Patch up holes and openings around doors, windows, and vents

If your restaurant should be invaded by rodents don’t worry, Schendel Pest Services can help. Our commercial pest control specializes in the removal, clean up, and prevention of rodents. Administered and overseen by our on-staff entomologist and rodent specialists, our commercial pest control options not only satisfy regulatory requirements, they have also proven effective in a variety of industries. Specifically tailored to your business and your infestation, we will help keep your business clean, safe, and reputable. If you have questions about how we can further help your business, reach out and one of our pest professionals will be happy to answer your questions.

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