Industries Most In Need Of Professional Pest Control

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Industries Most In Need Of Professional Pest Control


While there is no official list of industries most in need of professional pest control, nor are we about to create one, there are certainly businesses that benefit more from a commercial pest control plan than others. If you own a bicycle shop, you’re probably not going to worry about pest control as much as a restaurant owner, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to deal with pests. It is just that the appearance of flies or even cockroaches inside a bike shop probably won’t immediately scare customers away. Our goal today is to provide you with some helpful information about several industries that have greater problems with pests than others and explain how professional pest control helps these businesses lower their risk of infestations and preserve their reputations!

Property Management

There are several factors that birds, rodents, bugs, and other potential pests are looking for when they happen upon a man-made structure. Apartments, condominiums, multi-unit housing, and other property rentals offer almost all of the things these pests are looking for. But what are these attractants? The big ones are food, water, and harborage but there are also many other factors that lure pests in such as moist ground, shade, smells, breeding sites, livestock, and more!

When birds fly by, they see rooflines, wires, ledges, and other places to perch or roost. Bees and wasps come to feed on the flowers in landscaping while spiders will come to feed on those stinging insects and other flying pests. Millipedes and centipedes also enjoy the moist soil and explore exterior walls. There isn’t a pest alive that can’t find a reason to invade a rental property!

Pests also like to live inside these rental properties. Some pests will come inside to feed and lay their eggs pantry items while others will come inside in search of a blood meal or to feed on carpets, curtains, wallpaper, and other pieces of your property. When they do, these pests can make your rental customers very unhappy. This can then lead to high turnover rates and damage to your reputation.


Any business that offers temporary lodging, such as hotels, motels, and resorts can also inadvertently offer lodging to non-human guests. This is because pests are always looking for harborage options. If these pests decide to take up residence inside your building, they can have a negative impact on your guests!

Businesses that offer lodging thrive on good reviews as most people look for reviews when deciding where to stay. Sometimes people don’t even read the reviews but simply go by the star rating. It’s sad, but it’s true. So when bed bugs, cockroaches, or other unwanted pests make someone’s stay at your establishment miserable, it can lead to a significant loss of business!


Any business that is associated with food is definitely going to be attractive to pests. Bugs, birds, rodents, and other wildlife pests will get into trash, food storage rooms, and any other location that will provide them access to a food source.
The presence of pests in a restaurant can present many problems. First, having a pest infestation in your business causes some serious health concerns to both customers and employees. A pest sighting in your restaurant can also ruin your customers’ dining experience and lead to the loss of business and negative reviews. But common flies, cockroaches, rodents, and other unsanitary pests can present a much larger issue than simply appearing in the food that is served or startling customers: they can cause health inspection to fail which can significantly damage the reputation of your establishment

Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities, Retirement Homes, Schools, Daycares, Etc.

When pests invade these type of businesses, they can cause problems and present serious health risks. Many insects, rodents, and wild animals are known to spread human pathogens and other disease-spreading bacteria that or cause painful bites or stings. Some pests can also be vectors for parasitic worms and even cause allergies and asthma attacks!

Whether your business contains sensitive products or is meant to be a safe environment for children or the elderly, it is best to take measures to keep pests out!

Commercial Pest Control In Arizona

If you own a business in Arizona, let Schendel help you develop a commercial pest control plan that addresses your specific pest control needs. There are many reasons to partner with Schendel Pest Services to protect your business! Give us a call today to learn more about the commercial pest control options we offer.