Kansas Lawn Pests: Moles And Voles

Kansas Lawn Pests: Moles And Voles


Taking care of your lawn and property maintenance is not an easy task. Keeping your plants, shrubbery and grass healthy is a continuous task for most homeowners. Finding golf ball sized holes in your lawn or destroyed shrubbery is not a welcomed find. These holes and damages to your vegetation may be from a mole or vole. So, how do you get rid of voles or moles? Furthermore, how can you tell if it is a mole or a vole that is bothering you yard?

Well, in Kansas the most likely mole you will run across is the Eastern Mole. Like many living creatures, it is in a constant search for food. Unfortunately for our property, their main food source is earthworms. Moles can be anywhere from a few inches to six inches in size with a mouse-like tail. They have tiny eyes that can barely be seen and no ears. Digging is easy for them with those claws found on their large, paddle shaped front paws. They will eat grass seed, vegetation and insects found in the dirt. They burrow in long tunnels just under the surface of the ground. The holes and small mounds of dirt found on the surface are from the tunnels . They can eat up to 100% of their body weight in a day. That is a whole lotta tunnels!

Voles look a lot like a field mouse. They are small, only an inch or so in length and have a long tail like a mouse. They are a bit rounder and more compact than a mouse. They like to eat the leaves and roots of grass, flowers, shrubs, and trees. Although they don’t tunnel on your property they sure can destroy your plants, trees and shrubs costing you a lot of time and money in replanting.

Getting rid of voles and/or moles on your own is nearly impossible. For proper mole identification your best bet is to call a pest professional. This is the most sure way to, first of all, find out what kind of pest you are dealing with. At Schendel Pest our pest professionals can help you by:

  • Identifying the pest

  • Show which runs and or tunnels are active

  • Set bait in active areas

  • Periodically check bait for pests and any signs of new activity

Our pest experts have the experience, training and specialized equipment to help you solve your pest problem, no matter what insect or rodent you may be dealing with! Keep your property healthy and intact this season and give us a call upon the first sighting of any mole or vole activity.