Mistakes Many Homeowners Make To Invite Cockroaches Inside

Mistakes Many Homeowners Make To Invite Cockroaches Inside


Of course, nobody wants to admit that they might be inviting cockroaches into their home, but homeowners across the world are guilty of this. While it is commonly believed that only messy or cluttered homes are homes to roaches, even the cleanest house can attract roaches.

Because cockroaches prefer temperatures of 70 degrees and above, most homes are opportune environments for these vile pests.

Roaches require very little to survive—food, water, and a warm place to bed are all they need to live for a long time. They tend to invade homes that have an abundance of these things, although warmth, darkness, and moisture seem to be main attractors. Any food left on your floor or counters is a bonus to roaches, making them feel even more welcome in your home. Common points of entry include gaps around doors, foundation gaps, windows, and around places that have a lot of moisture build-up, such as drains and faulty pipes.

No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. We can, however, learn from each other’s mistakes and figure out which ones to avoid in the future.

Common examples of mistakes include:

  • Leaving food out on counters or not properly storing food is a mistake a lot of homeowners make. Seal food in containers and keep your crumbs cleaned from floors and countertops. Make sure you apply this to your pet’s food as well.
  • Letting moisture build up. Reducing moisture in your home is essential. Check faucets, piping, and drains regularly to make sure everything is working properly and no leaks have formed.
  • Cockroaches like things made of cardboard and paper materials, so be sure to check any boxes or paper grocery bags for roaches before bringing them into your home. In addition to this, don’t leave newspapers or other paper items lying around on your floors.
  • Keep other clutter from being scattered across your home. Toys, school or work papers, clothing, and trash need to be put in their proper place. This gives cockroaches fewer areas to hide.

The biggest mistake that people seem to make is simply not contacting a professional when they notice they have a cockroach problem. Handling things on your own is often costly and aggravating to deal with. Don’t wait until cockroaches have claimed your home as their own, contact Schendel Pest Services today to learn about our cockroach elimination and prevention services, as well as our Premium Care program.