Schendel Can Turn The Heat Up On Bed Bugs

Schendel Can Turn The Heat Up On Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are an increasing problem here in Kansas and across the country in general. These tiny reddish-brown insects were almost completely eradicated at one time, but have made an amazing comeback in the past decade. Bed bugs are extremely elusive; and, contrary to their name, they can be found just about anywhere they can fit. One of their favorite hiding places is inside your television, stereo, game system, or other electronic equipment. They do not just hang out in your bedroom waiting for nighttime when you are fast asleep so that they can munch down on your yummy blood. These nocturnal creatures sleep the day away in any old room they please. They get their name from the fact that beds are usually where you notice them first because of the blood stains on your sheets, bite marks on your body when you awake, and brownish-black fecal matter they deposit on your mattress during and after feeding.

The rise of the bed bug has occurred for two main reasons. First, bed bugs have become resistant to the pesticides that were previously used, and secondly, they are so good at playing hide n’ seek that it can be nearly impossible to reach all of them with pesticides alone. How on earth could you safely spray an insecticide inside you X-Box? The obvious answer is, “You can’t!” If these little vampires do not come into direct contact with the pesticide used to kill them; well, they don’t die! So, what should you do if you have been found worthy to house these horrible creatures?

Some exciting news about bed bug treatment has emerged in recent years, and Schendel Pest Services is leading the way in Kansas. Heat! That’s right, heat! Experienced pest control technicians now have the ability to use heat (around 120 degree Fahrenheit) to destroy these little blood-suckers no matter where they are hiding; and when done by the trained professionals at Schendel, your home or business and its contents are perfectly safe. So why wouldn’t you just turn up the old thermostat and blast your furnace until you roast them out yourself? Well, the risk of fire is very high at those temperatures. Many people have actually inadvertently burned their homes down trying to kill the bugs. Not really a risk worth taking! Monitoring by a trained professional will ensure that nothing becomes overheated to the point of ignition or damage; but, at the same time, the heat will be directed to penetrate all the areas where these little pests are hiding and destroy them. Schendel will couple this heat treatment with a small application of approved products in certain areas such as along the edges of wall to wall carpeting and the structural cracks and crevices in your home in order to ensure that any bugs or eggs that may have survived will be quickly eliminated. Ingenious! And the best part of all is that this treatment is discreet and takes only about 8 hours! Perfect!

If you find those tell-tale markings on your sheets, mattresses, or bodies give Schendel Pest Services a call and we will be out in a jiffy to eliminate those nasty bugs. Schendel has been on the cutting edge of pest control for nearly 70 years; and we have earned a reputation for fast, safe, effective, friendly service.