Termites Are Beneficial

Termites Are Beneficial


You may read that headline “Termites Are Beneficial” and think no way! And wonder, why do I need termite control if they are beneficial? It turns out termites are only beneficial in certain settings in nature. Which leads us to what most of us do know, that termites are not beneficial inside our homes and other structures.

There is just one primary benefit of termites in nature, which is in wooded areas and forests: termites eat dead trees, which helps the decomposition process turn the dead tree into fertile soil. This actually helps the forest to regrow quickly. This also can help aerate the soil and put nutrients back into the soil.

There are many dangers and problems termites pose when they invade homes. First of all, termites don’t know the difference between your home and the forest. If your home contains wood, especially damp or damaged wood, termites will treat it like it is a dead tree. They will start consuming the wood in your home from the inside out and cause damage to your furniture, personal belongings, and other wood type products in and around your home, in turn weakening the structure of your home. You should also know that each colony can contain hundreds of thousands of termites and can cause a lot of damage to your home in a very short period of time without your knowledge. This can cost you a lot of money in repair costs.

If you suspect you have a termite infestation or if your home is showing signs of termite damage, you should contact a professional pest control service immediately. Otherwise, try eliminating moisture in and around your home by fixing leaky pipes and faucets. Make sure your screens, vents, and shingles are in good repair. Divert water away from your home, replace weather stripping and loose mortar around your foundation, keep an 18” gap between your home and any soil or mulch, and stack firewood at least 20’ away from your home. It is not recommended that you use DIY pesticides as they can be dangerous to your family and pets, not to mention time-consuming and mostly ineffective.

Of course, termites can still eat their way into your home, and DIY treatment methods fall short of eliminating entire colonies, a task which requires expertise and knowledge. Your best option is to contact Schendel Pest Services to help you prevent or eliminate termites for you. Our services provide efficient and effective methods for total termite control in and around your home, so give us a call today!