Termites Work Behind The Scenes

Termites Work Behind The Scenes


Termites are one of the most destructive pests when it comes to the structures and products made from wood in our homes. These wood destroying insects cause billions of dollars in structural damages each year around the country and the worst part is they could be hiding right behind your walls. Because termites often work from the inside out, their presence may be unknown until it is too late. To help homeowners stop termite damages in Kansas City, Topeka, and Tulsa as well as throughout our region, Schendel Pest Services has the top signs of termites to be on the lookout for.

Termite swarms are the most recognizable sign of a termite infestation, if you do happen to catch the event. Each year the reproductive termites are released from the colony in an attempt to find a mate and form a new colony. The swarming termites have wings and some confuse them with flying ants. The swarming termites are harmless to you and they are also not capable of destroying wood like their worker friends. If you witness a termite swarm, you can be sure there is an active colony nearby or even possibly in your home.  

Mud tunnels are another sign that termites are close by. Since the subterranean termites, most common to the Kansas area, live underground, they form tunnels as a means to travel. These tunnels are small but they can be spotted if you are outside working on your property this spring.

Wood damage is another sign of termites.  Unfortunately it is also one of the most difficult to observe as the damage often starts from a place we cannot see, the inside of the wood.  If you are inspecting your home or property and notice hollow sounding boards, disintegrating wood, or wood with a honey comb pattern of destruction, it is likely from termites. They prefer the soft, spring wood which means that if your property is damp, you are at an even higher risk.

If you live in Topeka or elsewhere in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, and would like to learn more about termites or termite treatments, contact Schendel Pest Services today! Don’t wait until the termites have left you with a huge repair bill, Schendel’s S.T.E.P program guarantees your home to be termite free!