The Problem With Carpenter Bees

The Problem With Carpenter Bees


Some pest problems are obvious. When moles invade your yard, their raised tunneling will leave no doubt that you have a mole problem. When fleas get into a house, all of the scabby, red bites on your legs and ankles make these pests hard to mistake for another pest problem. But carpenter bees have a surprising form of camouflage that helps them blend in and stay under your radar. What camouflage are we referring to? We’re not talking about a mixture of greens, tans, and black. Read on to find out.

Have you seen big, fat, bumblebees buzzing around in your yard? Who hasn’t? Bumblebees are a common insect, especially if you have flowers in your yard. But, those bumblebees may not be bumblebees at all. They might be carpenter bees. This is how they avoid detection.

Bumblebees are mostly docile insects that are great pollinators. When they appear, we don’t pay them much mind. They have a job to do, and we leave them to it. But, if those are carpenter bees, you may be ignoring the wrong insect.

It is easy to tell the difference between bumblebees and carpenter bees. A bumblebee has black and yellow hairs on their abdomen. Carpenter bees don’t. For this reason, a carpenter bee’s abdomen will be black and shiny. This is a distinction that can be seen from several feet away.

If the bees you have buzzing around in your yard are carpenter bees, here are a few problems they can cause:

  • These bees bore tunnels into wood. If left untreated, these tunnels can be expanded each year and lead to extensive damage to decks, porches, rooflines, fencing, and other wood structures.

  • Carpenter bees often target stairs and railings. When they do, they can cause them to give way and lead to injury.

  • Carpenter bees get under decks and tunnel up into boards. This can cause boards to snap when stepped on.

  • While carpenter bee males are not able to sting, and females do not prefer to sting, it is possible to be stung by a female carpenter bee if they feel threatened.

  • For some, the sound of carpenter bees can be unsettling because it is the sound of their home being damaged.

If you’re seeing carpenter bees on your property, it is best to get a professional pest control technician to address the issue. Improper carpenter bee control can lead to additional damage and unwanted results. If you are in our Kansas service area, reach out to Schendel Pest Services. We offer comprehensive control for these and other wood-destroying pests. Help is just a click away.