What You Need To Know About Rodents In Kansas

What You Need To Know About Rodents In Kansas


The bottom line is mice and rats are a problem. And during the fall and winter seasons they become an even more serious threat to homeowners in Topeka, Kansas City and throughout Kansas. That’s because our homes provide the three necessary elements they need in order to survive, namely food, water and warm, secure shelter. You may think your home is a fortress and no rodent can get in but our KS pest control pros are here to tell you otherwise. You see, even smalls crack or holes on the exterior of your home could provide the perfect entry point for a foraging rodent and before you know you could be dealing with a lot of pests. Want to learn more about mice and rats including how to tell if your home is infested and rodent prevention tips, please keep reading.

What do mice and rats look like?

Because they are both classified as ‘rodents’ and they do have a similar appearance, some find it hard to distinguish between the two. But as a general rule of thumb, mice are much smaller than rats. Also, mice tend to be browner in color whereas rats tend to be gray. Of course, it can still be hard to identify these similar rodents so contact a pest control professional if you see rodents scurrying around your home.

What are the signs of mice and rats in my home?

Droppings – These are often found in attics and storage areas as well as in kitchen cupboards and drawers and even behind appliances.
Chew marks – Rodents are constantly gnawing, this is evidenced by marks on food containers, plastic items and furniture
Nests – Made up of insulation, clothing, paper and other materials found in the home.
Strange sounds at night- Nocturnal by nature, rodents are likely to be heard running through the walls and overhead in the ceilings. Scurrying and scratching are among the noises you could hear.

What makes rodents dangerous?

Mice and rats both pose serious threats to the health and safety of you, your family and your home. Rodents carry many harmful diseases that can spread to humans causing illness and contamination of food and surfaces. They also can introduce other pests like fleas and ticks into the home. And with a constant need to gnaw, there is a serious risk of structural damage or even a house fire if they find electrical wires to chew on.

How can I keep mice and other rodents out?

The best way to prevent a rodent infestation is to seal off all possible entry points into the home. Also, make sure to eliminate food and water sources (open food containers, dirty dishes left in the sink overnight, leaking pipe or appliances, damp basements) so that even if they get inside the accommodations won’t be that great.

If you need rodent or pest control in Kansas City, Topeka or elsewhere in Kansas, please contact Schendel Pest Services today. Our rodent control services (part of our Premium Care program) are designed to get rid of mice and rats that are already in your home as well as prevent future infestations.