Why DIY Treatments Do Not Work For Most Pests

Why DIY Treatments Do Not Work For Most Pests


Pests and rodents are critters that we need to worry about throughout the year. Many of us decide to take matters into our own hands and take care of pests and our homes. Maintaining our homes can be a source of pride for most of us. But can do-it-yourself methods of pest control work? Taking steps to keep pests out of our homes and maintaining our homes can go a long way in improving the value of our homes, and as a bonus, those efforts may lead to energy savings, too. While it’s encouraging to take action by doing some DIY projects at home or around your business to help prevent pest infestations, the unfortunate truth is that many people either don’t have the ability or the time to accomplish the preventative measures necessary to successfully keep pests out – or they fix the wrong problems.

Properly sealing windows and doors will ensure insects like ants, spiders, and other creepy-crawlies have a tough time getting into your home. Filling cracks in your foundation not only raises your property value, but it also helps guard against unwanted mice making their homes in your basement. Pests as large as mice only need openings the size of a dime – imagine how small the cracks in which tiny insects can crawl through must be! Your do-it-yourself crack and hole sealing must be incredibly efficient to be effective at keeping mice and other pests out, which is why attempting to seal your home’s exterior is rarely a successful do-it-yourself treatment for pest control.

Many homeowners will try do-it-yourself methods of treating insects once they’re in your home, such as spraying a mixture of water, vinegar and baking soda on the counters to eliminate chemical trails and discourage ants. While you may temporarily erase the chemical trail the ants are marching along in your kitchen – the ants are still in the colony, they’re continuing to reproduce, and they will return again and again! Also, it’s important to note that attempting to exterminate pests yourself using chemicals or traps can actually create more risks, and still might not get the job done.

Keeping your home tidy, repairing any leaks, and maintaining a home that’s free from clutter are all great ways to reduce hiding places for pests and make it harder for them to find food and water. But once pests have gotten indoors, they can reproduce rather quickly, and no amount of daily cleaning is going to eliminate all potential food sources for pests. A clean home is definitely ideal for preventing major pest infestations, but it will never be enough to fully eliminate an existing infestation or prevent new pests from finding their way indoors.

In truth, the best solution for pest prevention is and will always be hiring a professional service. Our professionals would be happy to put your property on a year-round service plan. We’ll investigate the property and provide a report of suggestions for improvements and then get straight to work on anything pressing. The combination of a year-round pest prevention plan from Schendel Pest Services and your continuance of DIY projects will ensure that you need not be bothered by pests ever again!

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