termites in a kansas yard


Are House Centipedes Dangerous?

If you’ve ever run into house centipedes inside your home, chances are you remember the experience quite well. These creatures, also known as “hundred-leggers”, can be startling and distressing to homeowners. Because of their alarming looks, many wonder whether centipedes are dangerous. We will get to this answer, but first, let’s talk about what brings them into your ...

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What To Do When Stinging Insects Nest In Your Yard

If you have a lot of stinging insects buzzing around, or if you’ve seen an active nest, it’s important for the safety of your family that you get rid of it. Many stinging insects can sting multiple times, making them much more of a threat than those that lose their stinger after one sting.  ...

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How Can I Prevent Stinging Insects Around My Arizona Home?

The answer to this question is simple: build a giant bubble to cover your entire home and several yards around your home. Doesn't that seem drastic and over the top? Not only is it over the top to try and completely shield your home from stinging insects, but it also isn't beneficial....

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Problems Overwintering Wildlife Pests Bring To Homes

It’s in our nature to seek out the most suitable place for us to live. The problem with wildlife pests is that they are very similar-minded. They too view our homes as a better choice as the colder months roll around. As a homeowner, this raises more than a few problems....

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How Are Spiders Getting Into My Home?

Have you ever stopped and wondered to yourself how the spider running across your bathroom floor at midnight (that nearly gave you a heart attack) got inside? It can be thought-provoking for sure. It’s easy to imagine how flies get inside. All it takes is an open window or door....

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Why Bird Control Works For Businesses Throughout Kansas

If you own a food establishment with outdoor eating areas, you have most likely had to deal with pest birds scavenging on dropped food. If you own a large warehouse that stores a variety of products, you have probably had your fair share of pest birds nesting in the upper echelons just out of reach of where you could shoo them away....

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