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We are the local experts in structural and commodity fumigations. Our highly trained expert teams are ready to address any of your fumigation pest management needs.

Your Experienced Fumigation Experts

  • Railcars

  • Shipping containers

  • Warehouse and Processing facilities

  • Flour mills

  • Seed facilities

  • Grain storage facilities

Some of the products we fumigate include:

  • Processed food

  • Grains

  • Non-food commodities

  • Seed

  • Pet food

Fumigations require careful planning by experienced personnel. Schendel will work with your personnel to develop a fumigation plan appropriate for your facility.

5 Components for Fumigation Success

  1. Sealing - The structure must be sealed to reduce gas loss during exposure.

  2. Dosage - The concentration of gas and the time the pest is exposed to the gas is determined by the temperature and the species of insect.

  3. Monitoring - Throughout a fumigation, gas level readings are taken through tubes placed in the fumigated space prior to gas introduction. The readings insure adequate dosage.

  4. Temperature - Warmer temperatures will result in a more effective fumigation. The temperature must be above 50 degrees F. It must also be maintained during both the exposure and the aeration.

  5. Aeration - Aeration time is variable, depending on temperature, humidity and air movement.

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