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Garden City is known as a regional hub of Western Kansas; it offers its residents thriving business districts, safe residential neighborhoods, and a very diverse community of people. Garden City is a unique city that is the perfect place to live, work, and be entertained in. To protect your Garden City property and family from the diverse pests that also live here, trust the pest control experts at Schendel Pest Services. For decades we have been providing our customers with the services needed to keep homes and businesses free of insects, rodents, and other pesky critters. Get into contact with Schendel Pest Services today to learn more about our effective residential and commercial pest control services and to start protecting your Garden City home or business from nuisance, dangerous, and damaging pests!

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Residential Pest Control Services In Garden City, KS

Protect your home and family from invading pests with the help of the Midwest pest control experts at Schendel Pest Services. Put into place one of our year-round home pest control programs. Our Premium Care program provides an in-depth initial interior and exterior service that is followed-up by quarterly pest control visits to offer continuous year-round protection against pests. Our Premium Care Plus program is more comprehensive and offers the same benefits as the Premium Care program, but adds the peace of mind of termite protection. Both Premium Care programs include our PestZero Guarantee, meaning that if treatment is needed between service visits we will come back and do so at no additional cost to you. In addition to our year-round residential pest control programs, the professionals at Schendel provide the following services to protect homes against pest damage:

  • Home sealing service
  • Leaf Defender
  • Pest control insulation

Give us a call today to learn more.

Are Centipedes In Garden City, KS Dangerous?

The short answer to this question is no, centipedes in Garden City are not dangerous and are not a pest that should be feared. The most common centipede found invading homes in our area is aptly named the house centipede. House centipedes are nocturnal and usually live outside, but can be attracted to the moist, humid conditions that are found in basements and crawl spaces. While they are not considered to be dangerous it is important to note that their first pair of legs forms claw-like poison fangs; a bite from a house centipede can be pretty painful, but usually does not result in any long-lasting effects. To keep house centipedes out of your Garden City home it is important to seal cracks that are found in the foundation and make sure that all exterior doors have door sweeps placed on them, especially basement doors. In addition, putting into place a year-round pest control service will eliminate any current problems you may be experiencing with house centipedes and put into place the preventative measures needed to stop their return. Contact us to learn more!

Commercial Pest Control In Garden City, KS

At Schendel Pest Services we are proud to offer quality, affordable, eco-sound commercial pest control services; whether you are in the business of feeding people, keeping people healthy, storing products, or any other type of business, we have a solution to keep your business free of Garden City pests. Our customizable Total Quality Assured program has been developed with and is continuously overseen by our staff entomologists to meet the needs and regulatory requirements of your unique business and its unique industry. In addition to our Total Quality Assured program we offer the following targeted solutions to solve and prevent pest problems inside of commercial facilities:

Contact us today to get started protecting your Kansas business from the damages that pests can cause with the help of the Garden City’s best- Schendel Pest Services.

Learn How To Avoid Bed Bugs In Garden City, KS

Avoid bed bugs while living in Garden City by understanding where they can be found, what they look like, and what the signs of their presence are.

  • Bed bugs have an oval flat body that allows them to hide out of sight during the day inside of tight cracks and crevices. Typical bed bug hiding spots include in the seams of upholstered furniture, mattresses, and box springs, underneath of mattresses and box springs, and inside of cracks found in walls, floors, and wooden furniture.
  • Adult bed bugs grow to between 3/16th and 1/4 of an inch in length, they have six legs, and a reddish brown body, unless they have recently fed, then they turn a deep purplish-red color. Bed bug nymphs are smaller than the adults and until they have their first meal they are translucent in color, but after feeding they turn bright red in color and are fairly easy to spot.
  • Signs that bed bugs leave behind which can alert to their presence include dark streaks or blood spots on bedding, mattresses, box springs, pillows, walls, or floors. Piles of their shed exoskeletons underneath of mattresses, box springs, in closets, drawers, or along the floor. Also, they may leave behind a mildew-like odor in a room that is otherwise clean and free of moisture damage.

If you discover bed bugs or their signs inside of your Garden City home contact the Kansas bed bug professionals at Schendel Pest Services immediately. To learn more about how to quickly eliminate bed bugs from your Garden City home with the help of Schendel, give us a call today!

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