How To Get Rid Of Mice From Your Home Or Business

Are you seeing or hearing the subtle evidence, or perhaps not-so-subtle evidence, that mice have invaded your home or business? Mice are sneaky creatures that don't tend to show themselves if they can help it, but they do show signs of their presence. Mice will scamper and chew on things inside your walls. They will remove insulation for nest building. And they will leave urine and droppings everywhere. It doesn't take much of a gap or crack in your home for a mouse to squeeze through and, once they are established, it doesn't take long for mice to grow their populations within your wall voids, attic spaces and other areas of your home or business. Mice, and other rodents are not merely a nuisance, they can be a real threat to both your health and your property. They are known carriers of a number of illnesses and diseases, and cause damage by chewing on everything from cardboard to wires (which can spark a fire). That is why it is important to get rid of mice when you see them. Here are some things that work. But first, let's take a look a couple that don't.

How To Not Get Rid Of Mice

  • Using over-the-counter products. While some products will kill some mice, it is unlikely you will be able to know for sure you have gotten rid of all the mice in your structure by going this route. Killing rodents can be tricky, and even dangerous. Many products, if not handled properly, pose a health hazard to both humans and pets. And if you end up with dead, rotting mouse carcasses inside your wall voids, this will only draw more household pests into your home or business. Using chemical products on mice could also mean that your pantry items, or foods found in the kitchen (or breakroom), are exposed to the chemicals when mice track the substance from place to place on their fur.

  • Using snap traps. While traps will catch some rodents, you can never know if you have gotten them all. Mice have an inborn threat avoidance instinct that will cause them to go into hiding for a time if they detect a threat. While you are thinking they are all gone, they are simply laying low, and multiplying, until they feel it is safe to venture out again.

How To Get Rid Of Mice

  • Clean clean clean. If mice are inside your home or business, and they cannot find a single crumb to eat, they will be less likely to stick around. But keep in mind that this does not mean they will leave for good. Often mice will simply find another food source, but will be more than happy to continue living inside your walls. When they return, it is important that they don't find a way back in.

  • Remove water sources. Fixing any leaky pipes, fixtures or appliances will also help to deter mice from sticking around.

  • Reduce attractants on your property: Mice are attracted to food, water, and places to hide. If you eliminate these things, you reduce the chances mice will come near your home or business and replace the mice that left. Remove all accessible trash, food scraps, pet food, dropped fruit or other food attractants from your property, and completely remove, or move far away from your structure, any water sources that mice might be drawn to. Also, if you have wood piles, construction materials, or other stored items, consider moving them well away from your building and keep them up off the ground. If you have other types of yard clutter, leaf piles, branches and such, remove these items as well.

  • Seal your walls: Examine the outside of your home or business for gaps, cracks and holes where a mouse might enter. Seal up any holes you find using a caulking gun or other patching material. Keep in mind, even tiny holes can be made bigger by their chewing. Also place screening over any openings such as dryer vents, chimney openings, or any other opening into your building.

  • Have a professional monitor for rodent activity and put in place a baiting and trapping program that systematically removes all rodents from your property.

If mice have taken root inside your home or business, there are many things you do to try and drive them out and keep them out, but professional pest control is the quickest, most efficient, most effective way of completely dealing with rodent problems. Here at Schendel, we have been clearing homes and businesses of mice and other pests since 1947. You don't have to live with mice infesting your property, and you don't have to get rid of them on your own. Partner with Schendel today.


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