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For home and business owners in Kansas City, MO, pest control can help to protect properties from pest infestations. Pests can cause costly damage to landscaping and buildings and bring with them bacteria and potential health threats. Having a plan with Schendel Pest Services can help shield your residential or commercial property from pests, guaranteed.

Residential Pest Control in Kansas City

We know the importance of maintaining control of your property and protecting your loved ones, so we offer pest control services in Kansas City, MO using the most effective products and techniques. At your scheduled appointment, our expert technicians will inspect the interior and exterior of your home, creating the best treatment plan for the type and severity of the infestation. We provide quarterly visits to ensure the pests do not come back. If treatment is needed in between scheduled visits, it’s on us, thanks to our PestZero Guarantee. 

Commercial Pest Control

Pests pose a serious threat to the operations and reputation of commercial businesses, their employees, and customer bases. Schendel Pest Services is your solution for commercial pest control in Kansas City, MO. Our commercial customers get the same experience and expertise as our residential customers. After an inspection, we create a treatment plan designed specifically for your business. 

Pest Control Services

Ant Control

Ants in or around your home can lead to a big problem, quickly. Certain species bring with them bacteria and can taint food supplies. Others can build nests within wooden supports of your home, weakening the structural integrity. Our ant control services follow safe practices to eliminate and prevent ants quickly. 

Bed Bug Control

Immediate treatment is needed when bed bugs infest your home or business. Bed bugs feed on humans, leaving itchy red bites. Eliminating an infestation is very difficult without help from professionals. We have years of experience eliminating bed bugs. Using specialized heat treatments, our technicians can effectively get your bed bug infestation under control so you can get back to living your life or running your business. 

Bird Exclusion

Birds come to properties looking for sources of food, water, and shelter, oftentimes causing damage to buildings, roofs, crops, and more. With the bird control solutions from Schendel, we treat the problem and prevent future invading flights.

Mole Control 

Moles burrow and create tunnels underground for their nests. This causes mounds to appear on your lawn. Removing moles or other wildlife from your property on your own is difficult and can become dangerous. Call our professionals to help you rid your yard of moles and other wildlife. 

Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitoes are more than a nuisance. They often leave itchy red bites and can even spread dangerous viruses and parasites. When you sign up for mosquito control services, our specialized team applies mosquito treatment and checks for any conducive conditions, such as standing water, to prevent mosquitoes from getting out of control again. 

Rodent Control 

Rats and mice can carry diseases, chew on wires, and cause damage to your home’s structure, furniture and even electrical wiring. Rodents can also bring fleas and ticks with them into your home. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have or suspect you have rodents in your home to remove them effectively.

Spider Control 

Spiders most common to Kansas City are the wolf, jumping, lynx, pirate, and the brown recluse spider. No matter the type of spider, it’s best to have our professionals treat and remove these arachnids from your home.

Termite Control 

Termites chew through wood to create channels for their colony to expand. This is especially problematic when the wood is a part of support beams in residential and commercial structures as the hollow space leads to structural weakening. We offer a four-step plan to eliminate and protect your home or business from termites. It’s best to schedule a return visit each year to ensure ongoing protection. 

Wildlife Removal

Wildlife like raccoons, squirrels and skunks can come to your property looking for food or a place to build a nest. This can be problematic as it can result in extensive damage to your home or lawn. Wildlife species often bring with them fleas, ticks, and other viruses and bacteria. Attempting to remove these animals might cause them to feel threatened and can result in an attack. At Schendel, we offer services to help you safely rid your home of a wildlife infestation

Additional Services

Schendel Pest Services also offers attic insulation services. Insulation keeps your home’s temperature consistent from room to room and provides energy-saving benefits resulting in lower energy costs. Our unique insulation contains borate, which kills insects like ants, earwigs, and silverfish, acting as a protective layer against pests. 

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If you’re experiencing a pest infestation of any kind, you can trust the expertise of Schendel Pest Services to bring control and peace of mind back to your property. Contact us at the first sight of any pests and receive a free quote.

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