How Concerned Should I Be About Springtails?

How Concerned Should I Be About Springtails? 5/9/2018 Have you ever experienced springtails invading your yard and home? These nuisance pests are fairly small, have soft bodies, and have 6 legs. They come in a variety of colors like yellow, purple, and orange, but they mostly look gray to us. Underneath their abdomen is a… Read more »


Springtail Prevention Tips

Springtail Prevention Tips 8/18/2017 Remember being a little kid and flipping over large rocks or logs just to see what was under it? Even back then, most of us knew that there was a whole other world living just beneath the surface if we just looked for it. All of those creepy crawly bugs would… Read more »


Are These Fleas Or Springtails?

Are These Fleas Or Springtails? 5/6/2016   When the weather outside is rainy, then it turns dry, this is the perfect storm to be invaded by springtails. First, the rain allows for rapid reproduction. Then, the dry conditions drive them inside to find moisture. If you are seeing tiny jumping critters in your home, they… Read more »