Protecting Your Home And Yard From Fleas

Protecting Your Home And Yard From Fleas 10/23/2018 If you’ve ever had the unpleasant experience of being bitten by fleas, it’s an experience you’re unlikely to forget. Flea bites tend to come in bunches instead of single bites, and boy do they itch! Of course, no one wants fleas infesting their house, but are you… Read more »


How Dangerous Are Fleas?

How Dangerous Are Fleas? 6/12/2018 Fleas are a tough pest to deal with, they are tiny, prolific breeders, seem to appear out of nowhere, and leave itchy bites on us and our pets. But, while they are extremely annoying to deal with, are they dangerous; are they a pest we need to worry about causing… Read more »


Put The Squeeze on Fleas

Put The Squeeze On Fleas 8/6/2015 Do you have unwanted fleas in your home? It’s time to give them the boot. Put the squeeze on those fleas and send them packing. Fleas can be a real pain to find in your home. They come in on your pets and then start to infest, and the… Read more »


Fleas, Ticks And Your Pets [Infographic]

Fleas, Ticks And Your Pets [Infographic] 7/24/2014 Fleas and ticks are a major problem in the summer months, especially for those who own pets. Dogs and cats are like a magnet to these biting pests which makes it important to prevent fleas and ticks as best you can, before they strike! For more information on… Read more »