Springtail Prevention Tips

Springtail Prevention Tips 8/18/2017 Remember being a little kid and flipping over large rocks or logs just to see what was under it? Even back then, most of us knew that there was a whole other world living just beneath the surface if we just looked for it. All of those creepy crawly bugs would… Read more »


Why Are There So Many Centipedes In My House?

Why Are There So Many Centipedes In My House? 7/13/2017   If you really want to see someone put a little pep in their step, show them a house centipede. The room will probably clear out in seconds! The centipede is a formidable insect to find yourself face to face with, mostly because of their… Read more »


Avoid Spiders This Fall

Avoid Spiders This Fall 9/30/2016 You might be one of those people who are rarely surprised by anything, but you have to admit that seeing slight movement out of the corner of your eye and realizing that an eight-legged creature has invaded your space will startle you. There is just something about the spider that… Read more »