Preventing House Centipedes This Spring

Preventing House Centipedes This Spring 5/29/2017   Here we go again. We’re entering into spring, and all the critters that live in our yards are coming back to life. One of those critters is the centipede. If you’d prefer them to stay outside, we have a couple of suggestions that will help. Centipedes love a… Read more »


The House Centipede

The House Centipede 3/18/2016 The common house centipede has a long, flattened body about 1 ½ inches long. It has 15 segments, each of which has one pair of legs. It slithers and scoots quickly on these long, thread-like, striped appendages. Its body is yellowish-brown with three dark stripes, and its eyes are large and… Read more »