Pest Zoning For Dummies

Pest Zoning For Dummies 3/23/2015 In a city, zoning is a way of making sure things get built where it is appropriate to have them built. If you want large businesses to clump all their tall buildings in one space so that employees can hop between them and get their business done more efficiently, you… Read more »


Your Guide To House Flies [Infographic]

Your Guide To House Flies [Infographic] 6/27/2014 House flies are not only a major nuisance when they buzz around our homes, they also pose some more serious threats. Flies are well known for spreading diseases like typhoid fever, dysentery and many others. These are not pests you want in your home! For more information on… Read more »


Make Your Home A ‘No Flies’ Zone

Make Your Home A ‘No Flies’ Zone 6/12/2013 Summer arrives and so do the annoying house flies in Topeka, Kansas City and throughout Kansas and the Midwest. Among the many summer pests that you may find, house flies are not a pest to take lightly. Sure, they are a common pest to find but this… Read more »


Annoyed By Houseflies?

Annoyed By Houseflies? 8/3/2010 The housefly may top off the list of annoying pests.  Their presence is almost guaranteed at a picnic, and they sneak inside our homes through open doors and windows. But not only are house flies a familiar disturbance, they are also a major carrier of communicable diseases. The National Pest Management… Read more »