Scores Got Sick, 1 Died Trying To Kill Bed Bugs

Scores Got Sick, 1 Died Trying To Kill Bed Bugs 9/27/2011 kansascity.com By MIKE STOBBE AP Medical Writer Bed bugs don’t make you sick. But the poisons used to kill them can. A government study released Thursday found that dozens of Americans have fallen ill from the insecticides, and a North Carolina woman died after… Read more »


Schendel's New Canine Co-Worker

Schendel’s New Canine Co-Worker 11/9/2010 I’d like to introduce you to Patches, Schendel’s newest co-worker.  Patches is our fastest, most reliable bed bug detective.  Her canine nose is 98% accurate at detecting live adult bed bugs, nymphs and eggs.  Compare that to the 40% accuracy of the typical pest professional, and you can see why… Read more »


Bed Bug Boot Camp

Bed Bug Boot Camp 9/14/2010 Schendel is proud to present two upcoming Bed Bug Boot Camps, which are aimed at educating managers in the multi-housing, hospitality and health care industries about the current bed bug epidemic.  These free, half-day seminars explore the bed bug epidemic and risk to housing organizations. Why are we experiencing a… Read more »


Celebrate The 4th Of July Without Mosquitoes

Celebrate The 4th Of July Without Mosquitoes 6/30/2010 Happy Independence Day!  Many of us will spend the holiday weekend outside, celebrating with picnics, fireworks, BBQ’s, and other activities.  Unfortunately, mosquitoes often put a damper on our outdoor celebrations.  This year especially, thanks to a warm, wet spring and early summer, we can expect mosquito activity… Read more »


Bed Bugs And Summer Travels

Bed Bugs And Summer Travels 6/11/2010 Bed bugs continue to be a problem in all parts of the country, and as the summer travel season begins, we can expect the problem to worsen.  Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers, so whether you are traveling overseas or staying closer to home, remember these tips to protect your… Read more »