Bed Bug Boot Camp

Bed Bug Boot Camp 9/14/2010 Schendel is proud to present two upcoming Bed Bug Boot Camps, which are aimed at educating managers in the multi-housing, hospitality and health care industries about the current bed bug epidemic.  These free, half-day seminars explore the bed bug epidemic and risk to housing organizations. Why are we experiencing a… Read more »


Bed Bugs And Summer Travels

Bed Bugs And Summer Travels 6/11/2010 Bed bugs continue to be a problem in all parts of the country, and as the summer travel season begins, we can expect the problem to worsen.  Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers, so whether you are traveling overseas or staying closer to home, remember these tips to protect your… Read more »


Keeping Memorial Day Pest-Free

Keeping Memorial Day Pest-Free 5/26/2010 The Memorial Day weekend is upon us!  School is out, the pools are open and the unofficial start of summer is here.  It certainly feels good after a long, cold winter.  If your family is like mine, you’ll be spending part of the weekend outside, maybe grilling or having a… Read more »



Ants! 5/5/2010   They may be little, they may not scare people like spiders, and most don’t bite, but if they are in your kitchen or bathroom, you know how annoying ants can be.  We receive more calls about ants than any other pest, especially in the spring.  As the weather warms, the ants venture… Read more »