Preparing For Fall Lawn Pests

Preparing For Fall Lawn Pests 9/11/2018 Just like there are people who enjoy summer more than fall and vise versa, there are also pests who prefer to come around more often during certain seasons. Lawn pests such as moles, voles, and pocket gophers are active throughout most of the year, especially during spring, summer, and… Read more »


Journey Of A Meadow Mouse

Journey Of A Meadow Mouse 4/14/2015 In a field on the outskirts of a large yard, a mother vole (AKA meadow mouse) gives birth to three dozen of the one hundred offspring she can birth in a year. The babies forage close to home at first. But soon their natural inclination to explore sends them… Read more »


Kansas Lawn Pests: Moles And Voles

Kansas Lawn Pests: Moles And Voles 4/3/2014 Taking care of your lawn and property maintenance is not an easy task. Keeping your plants, shrubbery and grass healthy is a continuous task for most homeowners. Finding golf ball sized holes in your lawn or destroyed shrubbery is not a welcomed find. These holes and damages to… Read more »


Moles And Voles Bring Damages To KS Properties

Moles And Voles Bring Damages To KS Properties 4/12/2013 If you are looking outside your window and seeing golf ball sized holes, tunnels across the yard, mounds of grass and dirt or disrupted plant roots, you may be victim to a mole or vole infestation. Both of these lawn pests can be detrimental to your… Read more »


Moles, Gophers And Voles

Moles, Gophers And Voles 7/6/2010 I’m excited to announce that Schendel has launched a new service program aimed at eliminating moles, gophers and voles.  These three pests create tunnels and holes underground, which not only make for unsightly lawns, but can be disruptive to the root systems of trees and plants.  Do you have any… Read more »