Fall Spider Proofing For Topeka Homes

Fall Spider Proofing For Topeka Homes


While most people in Topeka are still enjoying mild temperatures, the cooler days of fall and winter aren’t far off and as the temperatures begin to drop it is likely that you will notice an increase of spider activity inside your home. Among the thousands of species of spiders, the ones most commonly encountered in Topeka and surrounding areas of Kansas are house spiders, the brown recluse, and the black widow.

House spiders do not pose a threat to humans but the bite of a brown recluse or a black widow can in fact cause harm with their venomous bites. It is always recommended to seek medical attention if you believe a brown recluse or a black widow spider has bit you. So for safety’s sake and to avoid the general scare and unsightliness of spiders and their webs constructed in corners where wall meets ceiling and other inconvenient places, it is best to learn how to prevent spiders from getting inside in the first place.

Just like many other pests, spiders are going to seek a warm place that they can sustain themselves through the winter. Requirements for spiders are usually a secluded area, plenty of insects for food, and shelter to avoid the elements including cold temperatures and snow. If your home provides these opportunities, it is likely you will see spiders this fall and into the winter.

In order to avoid the scare of spiders and potentially harmful spider bites, here are some spider proofing tips from the Topeka pest control pros at Schendel Pest Services:

  1. Seal off any points of entry for spiders including cracks in the foundation, windows and doors.

  2. Remove clutter from storage spaces where spiders could hide.

  3. Inspect window and door screens to be sure they contain no holes or tears.

  4. Keep your belongings stored in bins with lids so that spiders do not surprise you when switching out the summer sandals for winter boots.

For more information on how to prevent and get rid of spiders in Kansas, be sure to contact the Kansas pest control pros. Since some species are dangerous and because spiders are hard to control, it is recommended to sign up for Schendel’s pest services which include inspections, safe treatments and follow up visits to be sure that spiders this fall and winter do not invade your home.

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