Rodent Control: The Signs Of Mice

Rodent Control: The Signs Of Mice


It’s that time of year when the rodents outside are desperately looking for a warm and cozy place to spend the winter! If you’ve had rodents in your home before, you know how obnoxious these pests can be. Here are some helpful tips from the rodent control professionals at Schendel Pest Services to help you determine whether or not you have mice in the house.

Signs of rodents include:

  • Smear marks along walls or furniture. When rodents travel, they usually use the same routes over and over again; they rub their bodies along walls and other furniture, leaving dirt and oil smear marks after a while.

  • Chew marks on belongings. You may find gnaw marks on walls and even books. You may also find chew marks on food packaging and food in cupboards and pantries.

  • Rodent droppings. These look like oblong dark brown/black pellets; some have described them as looking like brown grains of rice because they are similar in size and shape. These droppings tend to be near where rodents have travelled or near where they are eating.

  • Sounds of squeaks or rustling inside walls or in attics and basements. These are sounds of mice running around or of baby mice in the nest; you will typically hear these sounds in the night, when mice are most active.

Keeping mice out of your home is important for several reasons. Mice and rats will contaminate your food with their excrement, will spread diseases to you, your family and your pets and will destroy personal property and your home’s structure. Rodents are even known for chewing on electrical wires, which is a significant cause of house fires.

If you have witnessed any of these signs in your home, you are probably searching for advice on how to get rid of mice. At Schendel, we offer effective solutions to eliminate pests and help keep them from returning. Through inspection, treatment and quarterly Integrated Pest Management services we can ensure that pests like rodents steer clear of your home. For more information on the rodent control services available in Kansas CityTopekaWichitaJohnson County and throughout our service area, please contact us today.

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