When Do Carpenter Bees Become Active In Kansas?

When Do Carpenter Bees Become Active In Kansas?


With the arrival of spring also comes the return of many pests we didn’t worry about all winter. As soon as the weather warms up, many insects come out from their winter hiding spots to get back to work. Carpenter bees are one of these insects that become active in Kansas in the spring.

Why You Need to Worry About Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees can be tricky to spot because they are often mistaken for the more humble bumblebee. Both bees are large and furry, but the primary distinction between the two is the bumblebee has a hairy abdomen that is black and yellow, while the carpenter bee has a shiny black abdomen.

If you’re unaware that carpenter bees are on your property, you won’t know to look for the problems that they cause. Although the females can sting if provoked, they’re not generally aggressive and are unlikely to hurt you unless they feel threatened. The real problem with carpenter bees comes from the holes they excavate in wooden structures. They make these holes to build their nests inside. 

While one lone carpenter bee will not cause much damage to your property, many of them, over the years, can cause extensive damage. A lot of the time these bees will use the same hole year after year to bore into, digging deeper into the wood each time, and often under staircases and decks. If the damage becomes extensive, a board could break when walked over, causing you or your family to get hurt.

How to Prevent Carpenter Ants

If you don’t currently have carpenter bees on your property, now is the best time to try to prevent them. Painting or staining all outdoor wood elements can help. Although carpenter bees will sometimes bore holes into treated wood, it’s far less likely than into untreated wood. Also, sealing all cracks and holes in your siding and foundation is important to prevent them from getting inside your home; this will help keep other pests out as well. 

What to Do if You Have Carpenter Bees on Your Property

If you’ve seen carpenter bees or their holes on your Kansas property, it’s vital to get rid of them right away. By eliminating a carpenter bee problem, while still in its early stages, you’ll save yourself money and frustration.

Schendel Pest Services can eradicate your carpenter bee infestation, ensuring that your wooden structures stay safe and secure. If you find any sign of carpenter bees, give us a call. Our expert pest technicians will take care of your problem in no time.