Ten Ways To Keep Pests From Entering Your Home This Fall

Ten Ways To Keep Pests From Entering Your Home This Fall


Cooler weather means pests are looking for a warmer place to live.  In Kansas City, Topeka and throughout Kansas, fall is officially upon us, and while some homeowners might associate pest control services with summer months, it’s equally important to take steps to prevent your home and family from pests during the cooler autumn months, as well.  Here are 10 helpful tips:

1. Keep tree branches and overgrown plants away from the exterior of your home.  These provide great protection to pests and even rodents seeking cover.
2. Remove potential rodent nesting sites from the outside of your home by reducing clutter.
3. Clean out your gutters and downspouts, applying a bleach mixture if appropriate to discourage conditions for re-infestation.
4. Ensure crawl spaces are completely sealed off from the inside of your home.
5. Close any vents along the foundation of your home.
6. Keep your garage door closed when it’s not in use.
7. Check and replace weather stripping around doors, windows, and particularly around your garage door.  This will not only reduce pest activity, but should reduce your heating bill, as well.
8. Seal any cracks and crevices, especially near doors and windows.
9. Keep tempting foods such as flour, cereal, and pet food in re-sealable containers with airtight lids.
10. Make sure to keep your pets groomed and use a preventative flea and tick treatment.
These tips and more are just part of the integrated pest management program administered by our professional Schendel Pest technicians.  Our company has been protecting health and property since 1947, and our motto is PestZero – Guaranteed.  Call a customer care representative today or submit a request online for more information on our Kansas City pest control and to find out how simple it is to protect your family this fall, and for 365 days more!

Ten Ways To Keep Pests From Entering Your Home This Fall in Kansas, Missouri and Arizona

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