The Songs Of Crickets

The Songs Of Crickets


Chirp. Eyelids flick open. Chirp. Jaw tightens. Chirp. In the complete darkness of your room the oppressive shine from the numbers on your alarm clock inform you that it is 2:54 in the morning. You know better than to throw the covers off, flick the lights on, and head off in search of the sound. You’ve learned your lesson. Crickets don’t make it easy for you to find them. They’re clever, evil creatures, that move through your walls and perch in hard-to-get-at places, like your vaulted ceilings. And following the sound is a fruitless effort. It seems to bounce off of every wall, taunting you as you explore every crack for your unwanted intruder.
The stinging burn in your eyes reminds you that you need sleep. Tomorrow is an important day. You’ve been working toward this day for over a year now. But it may have been for nothing. You’re not going to be able to sleep with this irritating chirp, and tomorrow you’re not going to be able to function. All is lost!
Or is it?
There are three ways to deal with the irritating sound crickets make. Here they are in descending order of effectiveness.

  1. Get some ear plugs. It might seem like a massive inconvenience, but running out to the 24-hour store down the street and getting some earplugs might just help you salvage the rest of your night, instead of spending it tossing and turning to the sound of chirping.
  2. Cancel the sound out. If you have a smartphone, download an app that plays ambient music or ambient sounds. You would be amazed at how effective something like “brown noise” is at masking the sound of crickets. It will feel as if you’re sleeping next to a waterfall–and who doesn’t get awesome sleep when they’re sleeping next to a waterfall?
  3. Get pest control. If you are currently dealing with crickets or want to make sure that you never have to deal with crickets, get year-round pest control from a pest professional. Not having to deal with the irritating sound of a random cricket is just a fringe benefit of year-round pest service. You’ll protect your family from dangerous spiders, your home from termite damage, your pets from fleas, and many more invasive pests. Bugs and critters get into homes through cracks, crevices, and weak spots you can barely see with your naked eye. But the focused application of pest products creates a barrier those pests can’t get through and survive.

When you’re ready to step into a higher quality of life where cricket issues are a thing of the past, give us a call. At Schendel, we have the experience and education to identify the pests that threaten your home, and seal them out. Get your shield up, keep those crickets out, and sleep easier.